Saturday, December 1, 2012

Romania's Catalina Ponor And Diana Chelaru Retire From Competitive Gymnastics

Romanian gymnasts and members of the London's Olympic team Catalina Ponor and Diana Chelaru retired from competitive gymnastics.

Catalina Ponor

Catalina Ponor has finally taken her decision and announced her retirement. The 25 year old made a successful comeback in 2011 as she won three medals at this year's European championships including two golds, she also won a silver and a bronze in London adding two medals to the three gold medals she won in Athens back in 2004.

Ponor expressed desire to move on coaching. She worked as a coach before in the USA, an experience she described as amazing. Ponor told she will coach in her native country Romania, if she felt the country needs her "Why not, I am very proud to be Romanian, I managed to have our flag raised and sang the anthem.".

Ponor also said on Medal Factory that coaching is what suits her since she has been doing the sport her whole life and is capable of understanding the physical and mental state of the athletes.

Diana Chelaru

Chelaru is officially done with competitive gymnastics. The 19 year old gymnast left training in Bucharest and went back to her hometown Onesti last October since she was having a hard time to adapt to the training in Bucharest. She was the only Olympian who competed at the last Romanian National championships. 

Chelaru was a member of Olympic team in London where she helped her team to win a bronze medal. She is also the 2010 World floor silver medalist.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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