Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Top Event Workers after Subdivisions 1-3 In Men's Qualification

Top Event Workers after Subdivisions 1-3 In Men's Qualification by 

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Men's Gymnastics Montreal: Top 18 AAers after Subdivisions 1-3.

Catalina Ponor Gets Back Her Full In Pike On Beam In Montreal Podium Training (GIF).

Maria Paseka's Cheng And Amanar In Montreal's Podium Training (GIF).

Nina Derwael’s Bhardwaj In Podium Training In Montreal (GIF).

Shallon Olsen's Cheng On Vault In Montreal's Podium Training (GIF).

Anastasia Ilyankova's Gorgeous Releases In Montreal Training (GIF).

Tabea Alt Training Her Soon To Be Named After Her Transition In Montreal (GIF).

Brookyn Moors Doing THE PODKOPAYEVA On Floor In Montreal Podium (GIF).

Now That He Is Coaching In Australia, He Misses Vacuuming (GIF).

Elena Eremina Speaks Good English In Montreal But Says She doesn't Speak It That Well (Video&GIF).

Larisa Iordache Jumping The Rope On Beam (GIF).

Fan Yilin And Liu Tingting Being Creative While Chalking The Bars In Montreal (GIF).

Why Ashton Locklear Has Been Landing Her Bars Dismount With Low Chest In Montreal's Training.

Catalina Ponor Doing A FULL TWISTING DOUBLE LAYOUT On Floor (GIF).

Ragan Smith Doing Her Big Skills Too Close To The Beam At Montreal's Training (GIF).

China's Liu Tingting On Beam At Montreal's Training (GIF).

Flying High - Elena Eremina At Montreal Training (GIF).

Kenzo Shirai’s (JPN) 3 ½ Twisting Yurchenko In Podium Training For 2017 Worlds (GIF).

Japan's Mai Murakami Nailing Her BHS To Two LOSOs On Beam At Montreal Training (GIF).

Jade Carey + ‘H’ Tumbling Passes In Montreal Training (GIF).

Kyla Ross Is Training Full Twisting Double Layout Off Bars For UCLA !!!!!! (GIF).

Russia's Elena Eremina Training On Beam In Montreal (GIF).

Catalina Ponor On Beam At Montreal Podium Training (GIF).

US Sam Mikulak Nails A High Bar Routine During Podium Training (GIF).

Nikita Nagornyy’s Triple Back During Podium Training (GIF).

Sanne Wevers Training Her Beam Mount At Worlds (GIF),

Kenzo Shirai + Insane Difficulty In Montreal Podium Training (GIF).

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