Saturday, September 30, 2017

Why Ashton Locklear Has Been Landing Her Bars Dismount With Low Chest In Montreal's Training

US Ashton Locklear has been landing her bars dismount with such a low chest

User Yarotska explains why

You’re never going to get the height you need when you’re tucking for the dismount all the way at the bottom.

It turns into this 

And you’re already flipping and twisting before you’ve even gone over the high bar.

These are the little things that tell the big stories.

Catalina Ponor Doing A FULL TWISTING DOUBLE LAYOUT On Floor (GIF).

Ragan Smith Doing Her Big Skills Too Close To The Beam At Montreal's Training (GIF).

China's Liu Tingting On Beam At Montreal's Training (GIF).

Flying High - Elena Eremina At Montreal Training (GIF).

Kenzo Shirai’s (JPN) 3 ½ Twisting Yurchenko In Podium Training For 2017 Worlds (GIF).

Japan's Mai Murakami Nailing Her BHS To Two LOSOs On Beam At Montreal Training (GIF).

Jade Carey + ‘H’ Tumbling Passes In Montreal Training (GIF).

Kyla Ross Is Training Full Twisting Double Layout Off Bars For UCLA !!!!!! (GIF).

Russia's Elena Eremina Training On Beam In Montreal (GIF).

Catalina Ponor On Beam At Montreal Podium Training (GIF).

US Sam Mikulak Nails A High Bar Routine During Podium Training (GIF).

Nikita Nagornyy’s Triple Back During Podium Training (GIF).

Sanne Wevers Training Her Beam Mount At Worlds (GIF),

Kenzo Shirai + Insane Difficulty In Montreal Podium Training (GIF).

Larisa Iordache Rocking Double Double Off Bars In Montreal (GIF).

US Morgan Hurd Hitting Her Back Full On Beam In Montreal (GIF).

Russia + UB Combinations In Montreal (GIF).

Us At All These Elites With Terrible Form (GIF).

China's Wang Yan Doing The Most Difficult Bars Dismount, In Montreal (GIF).

Ponor Doing Back Handspring To Two LOSOs On Beam In Montreal (GIF).

Liu Tingting Only Doing Balance Beam In Montreal (GIF).

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