Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Kind of Vault The Indian Gymnastics Uses

Ultimatecatastrophe posted a photo of a vault which is really in bad condition. That vault is used for elite gymnasts to train in India. They suggested donating and supporting the Indian gymnastics federation. I personally think that idea is great and if there is a way we can donate, I will post the info here.

This is the vault the Indian gymnasts are using.  It’s decrepit, falling to pieces, and looks extremely unsafe.  Look at the hole in it! I wish there was something we could do to update the equipment…
Unfortunately, vaults are very expensive (several thousand dollars).  We’d need several hundred of us to donate a small amount.  I’m struggling to think of ways we could make a difference.
Still, I would love to help out the Indian Gymnastics federation, if they are willing to accept our support.  Does anyone else feel the same way, or have any suggestions?


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