Friday, October 23, 2015

The Much Anticipated Produnova of Chusovitina At 2015 Worlds Qual (GIF)

The Much Anticipated Produnova of Chusovitina  At 2015 Worlds Qual (GIF) by 

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  1. Wasn't worth it. Now she won't be in the final. She's currently in 7 and the US and China haven't gone yet. Should have just done her Rudi.

  2. It wasn't very good, true, but it wasn't scary, like some of the others who insist on competing it, even though they can not land it. I think if she keeps at it, shell be a real competitor at the Olympics again. Of course, she could be with the others too, with cleaned up form. But let's be real, the fact that she is not only competing, but improving and a possible medal contender is incredible. I was 8 the first time I watched her at the Olympics.