Thursday, October 15, 2015

Analysis: A Rio Team without Aliya

Analysis: A Rio Team without Aliya by gymnasticdream

Before anyone panics, if Aliya is truly done with gymnastics, you may be thinking that Russian Gymnastics is over, but you’d be quite surprised.
Although yes, they may not medal at Glasgow as a team without Aliya (and without Ksenia due to injury), they’ll surely still be able to qualify as a team to Rio.
Here’s my team for Rio WITHOUT Aliya.
Seda, Kharenkova, Paseka, Afanasyeva, Komova
VT: Seda/Komova(whoever has their Amanar), Afan, Paseka, all with 15.3+ Amanar capabilities
UB: Seda/Kharenkova/Paseka, Komova, whichever two do better in qualifying.
(You might be thinking, why not Daria for UB? Because I’d rather not gain .4 one event than having one mess of a beam set)
BB: Seda/Kharenkova/Afan/Komova- Whoever, at that point, has the highest score potential/score in quality
FX: Seda/Kharenkova, Paseka, Afan (Paseka has some real floor tumbling potential, but she just has to put it together)
If Aliya really doesn’t come back, I’m pretty sure they’d force Afan to do AA, and therefore do UB in quals, and therefore take a Qual spot from one of those girls, because if Afan can get back to a 2008/09 Bars set, which she was very close to in 2011, she’d probably score higher than Kharenkova and Seda in the AA, granted Komova gets back to 2012 AA status, which I don’t doubt. No need to fear, if Aliya sadly isn’t here 😦


  1. Seda really? she's not able to put a 14.000 in any apparatus except beam where she is so inconsistent. Daria, on the other hand, not only has powerful bars but a decent beam routine capable to reach the 14's.

  2. If Aliya retires or not.. Russia will definitely use one or more of the new seniors coming next year.. The strongest junior is definitely Angelina Melnikova.. Winning this year Russian cup last month ahead of seniors.. She's strong on all events another one is Ekaterina Sokova amazing on beam and floor and we also have Darya skrypnik, she has a 15.5+ bar routine as a junior and she keeps improving + she's a great all a rounder as well, probably the only safe spot is paseka because of high scoring on vaulting and possible medal contender on that event. ☺