Thursday, April 9, 2015

Criticism Over Russia's Alla Sosnitskaya's New Floor Routine

Criticism Over Russia's Alla Sosnitskaya's New Floor Routine

Ugh, Alla.

I didn’t mind this routine the first time I saw it, but I seem to dislike it the more I watch it. It’s not even the obvious lack of endurance or tumbling struggles that bother me. I’m just not sure this routine really suits her, but I wasn’t a fan of her last routine either.

Also, how bad could that switch leap be? =\
man, i disagree so much. it’s obvious to me that it’s a new routine for her, new choreo and such, and she’s got plenty of time to grow into it and make it her own. it’s not perfect, but it’s not horrible either? definitely a different style from her last one (which i personally really enjoyed).
and i don’t get why her leaps get picked on so much. they aren’t fantastic, but goodness, i’ve seen far worse.
Haha, I have to admit I have some bias against Marina Ulyankina as a coach. She just doesn’t produce pretty or flexible gymnasts (among other issues I have with her). In fact, Seda Tutkhalyan is probably the only gymnast of hers I even sort of appreciate (mainly because of her untapped potential). 

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