Friday, February 14, 2014

Komova And Mustafina Had The Same Height On Their Vaults And Beam Dismounts (GIF)

This GIF shows that both Mustafina and Komova had the same exact height on their vaults and beam dismounts despite Komova having higher difficulty.

On vault Mustafina does a double twisting Yurchenko (5.8) and Komova does an Amanar (6.3),  an 0.6 difference. 

On Beam, Mustafina does a double back (D, 0.4) and Komova does a double Arabian (G,0.7), an 0.3 difference.

GIF by k-ohashi

 Viktoria Komova's Consistent Double Turn With Leg At Horizontal On Floor (GIF).

Chinese Markelov Bars Release (GIF).

He Kexin's Goodbye Kiss To Uneven Bars (GIF).

Rarely Done Bars Transition: Khorkina II.


  1. Isn't a DTY staying as 5.8?

    1. I was thinking of that too!