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Gymnasts Who Retired In 2013, Part Two

Everything comes to an end, so does a gymnast's career. Bringing you those who retired in 2013.

Tatiana Nabieva

Date Birth: November 21, 1994

Country: Russia
Achievements: Helped her team to win their first World gold medal in 2010, is a silver medalist on uneven bars at 2011 Worlds, a vault bronze medalist at 2010 European championships, silver bars medalist at 2011 European championships.

Nabieva's retirement took us all by surprise. The World champion called quits after she has made a successful comeback by winning two medals at Universiade games and making the World team.

Neither Nabieva nor the Russian Federation have stated the reason of the sudden retirement. Tatiana who is 19 years old now coaches young children.

He Kexin

Date of Birth: January 1, 1992

Country: China
Achievements: Contributed to her team's first Olympic gold medal, won the gold medal on uneven bars at the 2008 Olympics and the silver medal on the same event at 2012 Olympics. She is the 2009 World Bars champion.

Floating over to the uneven bars and kissing them goodbye after years of pain and glory, is how Kexin ended her successful gymnastics career.

The then  competitive Chinese gymnast  was aiming on winning a gold medal on her signature event at her last competition (National games), but a fall prevented her from fulfilling it.

Like her former teammates, Kexin has gone to study at university and is already a third year student at Beijing Normal University. 

Rie Tanaka


Date of Birth: June 11, 1987

Country: Japan
Achievements: Was awarded the Longines Prize of Elegance at the 2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, competed at the 2012 London Olympics where she finished 8th with her team and 16th in the all around, three time Asian games medalist.

Rie Tanaka announced her retirement  via press conference at the age of 26 year old at the end of the last year. 

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Sandra Izbasa

Date of Birth:  June 18, 1990

Country:  Romania
Achievements: Won the vault and floor titles at 2012 and 2008 Olympics respectively, is seven time European champion and three time World medalist.

After the London Olympics, Sandra Izbasa expressed desire to retire from the sport, nevertheless she announced later that she would compete for one more year.

Even though she did not exclude a comeback, we can say that we are not going to see Izbasa competing anytime soon.

Jiang Yuyuan

Date of BirthNovember 1, 1991
Country: China
Achievements: Contributed to her team's first Olympic gold medal, won silver medal in the all-around competition at the 2010 World Championships, which is the highest position that Chinese women ever placed in all-around competition at World Championships or Olympic level.

Jiang Yuyuan wanted to make the 2013 National Games her last competition but was not selected to represent her team. Instead, she supported her team quietly.

Yuyuan said despite being disappointed of not competing at the national games, she is happy she is not leaving the sport with a serious injury. 

The 21 year old former gymnast has enrolled in a local university majoring in Sports Training and hopes to contribute to her team in the future. However, she doesn't think of becoming a coach because “there is too much pressure when one is at that position.”

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Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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  1. I specially remember Sandra at Beijing olympics, grabbing the gold medal at floor (making a stand before the chinese power... in their own home!); at London olympics, she achieved another gold (vault, this time)... how have you've been, Gigi??? such a long time since you discarded your twitter acount... your syrian hamsters are doing ok? I really miss your tweets! :) @krajorlev