Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rarely Done Beam Acro Element: Full Twisting Side Korbut (GIF)

A full twisting side Korbut with backward circle (its called a Yurchenko loop), originated by French Elvire Teza and rated an E.
GIF by k-ohashi
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  1. This is a full twisting Yurchenko loop, not a Korbut flic. A full twisting Korbut is a Rulfova.

    1. Yes but i said SIDE Korbut not Korbut

    2. The definition for a Korbut is specific, especially the fact that it's landed in a straddle position. Plus with the Yurchenko loop, it is standard for the gymnast to perform a back hip circle. Two different moves, I don't understand why you wouldn't just call it by it's name...

    3. Ok you got me, however i think saying a full twisting side Korbut makes people get the skill right in their head. BUT you are right i should have said Yurchenko Loop