Friday, August 9, 2013

This Unique Release Has Been Given Only D (GIF)

Clear rear pike support (legs together) on high bar – full circle swing backward with counter flight backward straddled originated by Chinese gymnast Li Li, has been given a D in the CoP.

According to the difficulty rating, the skill is as difficult as the Tkatchev.  Considering the fact that it is a rarely done release, it should be upgraded to an E. 

GIF by gifsartist:

Full routine

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  1. Yes for some reason the judges dont like awarding high dod for this combo remember that Ivana Hong performed that combo at the 2007 worlds and the judges just ate her alive as tim daggett would say lol. but yea, i think its because for one it is unique and is unusually dangerous which i dont think so but also because you get no height on the takatchev which i beleive is 3-5 tenth deduction.

    1. It also really isn't a tkachev. There is not reverse hecht action, meaning there is no arching of the back and then snapping up to get height. It's more like a straddled stoop over the bars.