Thursday, July 4, 2013

This Difficult Acro Beam Series Will No Longer Get Connection Bonus Under New CoP (GIF)

A full twisting tuck (F) into a back pike (C) will no longer get a connection bonus as there was no rebound. As you can see there is a pause between the two elements.

Previously it was worth an 0.2.

GIF by dantzscher
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  2. Sorry, deleted double post. It's true that you can see the gymnast (is that Shawn?) landing the full twisting back tuck then pauses as she sets up for the back pike. They should also not credit the beam combos that Jordyn Wieber performed at the Olympics, especially the so-called front 'handspring' (really a front walkover) to tucked back full. No connection there whatsoever.

    1. No Olympic silver medalist Sam Peszek. Wieber's combo will no longer get credit since they are not a rebound