Sunday, May 26, 2013

Four Beam Acro Series Worth 0.2 Connection Bonus (GIF)

Four amazing acrobatic beam series worth 0.2 connection bonus done by Ukraine's Mariya Lichikova.

A Handstand at legs in front split position into an Arabian (F)

GIF by gymnasticsgifs

Front aerial (D) into a front tuck (D).  In order for a gymnast to get an 0.2 CB for D+D the second D should be an acro must be landed on both feet together.

GIF by gymnasticsgifs
Side aerial (D) into a layout step out (C). 

GIF by Magnesiumcarbonate
Front handspring into a front pike (E) or a front tuck (D). a B acro element into a D one has to be in forward position in order to get the 0.2 bonus.


  1. So sad that she tore her ACL. She's fantastic on beam!

  2. If I were a judge I would not credit the last connection. It is not a front handspring (B), but a fast front walkover (A element with no flight). Part of her body seems to be in contact with the beam throughout the duration of the skill.