Thursday, May 9, 2013

A GIF Shows That Viktoria Komova Could Have Saved Her Landing On Vault In London

A mistake on the landing prevented Russia's Viktoria Komova from winning gymnastics most prestigious medal the "Olympic all around gold".

Komova completely stepped out of the vaulting mat after performing her difficult Amanar thus getting an 0.5 deduction. The difference between the gold medalist's all around score and Komova's is less than an 0.3 which means that had Komova strongly fought on her landing, she would had won the title.

A GIF shows Komova not making an effort to save her landing when clearly she could had saved it. Komova herself admitted in an interview that she easily gave up on vault.

It is also believed that if Komova had won the gold, she would had medalled in the event finals.

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By Gigi Khazback Farid

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  1. every fucking time I watch this I hope that she stays on the mat :'(

  2. She quit, that is the Russian way. If you can't land it then just quit and screw yourself out of the gold medal. She should be ashamed of herself and same with Khorkina

  3. That's not fair. I think she was hoping to avoid an injury and with her history, who can blame her?!

  4. Im sorry but she would NOT have won gold even if she landed on thr mats. Her ankles crossed, legs bent and hips piked. I luv her gymnastics when she is ON but she gives up too easy :( I feel bad she has overcome so much and was just injured again. Hope to see more from her in the future

  5. It was more than her landing. Vika was off from the board. This video does not show her feet position on the board..her hand position on the vault. You can clearly see she was off to her left severely. I understand the Russian coaches basically told her "perform the Amanar or no Olympics for you" The Americans knew their vaults would be a huge factor in team GOLD. This is a very misleading article to those who did not see the entire vault

  6. I'm sick of people saying the gives up too easy. She kept stepping because she didn't have her balance. Yeah, she's a gymnast, but I don't know how that means she has perfect balance. No one does. This article is extremely misleading.