Sunday, May 19, 2013

2010 World All Around Medalists In A Vault Comparison (GIF)

Here is a GIF showing a comparison between all three all around medalists on vault during the 2010 World championship.

Bronze medalist Rebecca Bross of U.S.A and Silver medalist Jiang Yuyuan of China performed a double twisting Yurchenko of 5.8 D score while the gold medalist Aliya Mustafina of Russia performed an Amanar of 6.5 D score at that time.

Without a doubt, Yuyuan's and Bross' execution were better than Mustafina the gold medalist, no leg separation and no bent legs until the very end just before the landing. Bross had better height than Yuyuan . While Mustafina had leg obvious separation and bent knees.

GIF by gifsartist 

By Gigi Khazback Farid

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  1. Only Jiang had good form

  2. So sad Bross couldn't go to the 2008 olimpics. She would have been so good. Was so sad when she injured herself. She was unstoppable.