Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Tumbling Pass That Made Her Known (GIF)

Despite Anna Myzdrikova of Russia not winning any medal at the World championship or making the Olympic team, her tumbling passes were enough to make her known in the gymnastics world.

She did a triple twisting layout into a back tuck. Triple twisting layout is rated E and back tuck A, the connection value between the two skills is 0.2

Another tumbling pass in the same routine which is also a nice one. Back layout (A) into double arabian tucked (E) and the connection value is 0.2.

By Gigi Khazback Farid

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  1. That's not a back layout. That's a whip back (also a A valued element though).

  2. I thought a whip back was a back flip only the entire rotation is in the air (that is, the hands don't land on the mat at all).

    1. Never mind. Just realized that except for the initial launch her hands don't hit the mat. My bad.

  3. Wish she could appear 17 and healthy for the Russian Olympic WAG team that is slowly crumbling and making my heart break