Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maroney, Paseka And Izbasa Vaulting At The Same Time (GIF)

The three Olympic vault medalists had all something in common "their vaults", which made it easier for us to compare between them.

U.S Mckayla Maroney and Russia's Maria Paseka shared the same first vault which is the Amanar. As you can see Maroney's Amanar is way higher than Paseka's to the point where Maroney disappears for a while and then lands way after Paseka. Its like they are both doing different vaults. You can also see clearly that Paseka did not complete her Amanar, she only did 2.25 twists.

Maroney also shared her second vault with Romania's Sandra Izbasa, the Mustafina vault. Both had the same height but on the landing it seems that Maroney though that she had more time.

This is definitely the best way you can easily compare between the top three vaulters in London's vault event final. If only judges can have that option.

GIF by Davaistoi

By Gigi Khazback Farid

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  1. maroney was so cocky before the vault final..

  2. theres a difference between being cocky and being confident ....

    1. this is the case of being way too confident

    2. Maroney has said that she KNEW that as soon as she hit the board that she wwould fall because her hands barely touched it.

    3. She was only nervous as she had so much pressure on her because everyone was saying you have to win.

    4. At Mustafina vault, Sandra was heighter :)

    5. I don't understand how you can say that. They are literally at the same height in their block. If Maroney had hit like she 98% of the time does, her height would have been much higher. Izbasa only won gold because Maroney handed it to her.