Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ksenia Afanasyeva To Train Two Vaults And To Upgrade Her Floor Routine

The Russians are not going to only rely on Maria Paseka at the vault event finals as they are preparing another gymnast Ksenia AfanasyevaWe are not only going to see Afanasyeva doing an Amanar but also two vaults.

And that's not it, She will also upgrade her floor routine by changing one of her tumbling passes into a more difficult one as well as changing her floor music.

Ksenia who has just recently won her first ever European title 'floor gold' said that it was hard to pull herself together on that day "I had an average mood when i woke up in the morning but later i panicked" Afanasyeva told Championat "I made a mistake on the first day, then I didn't compete for 2 days, so It was hard. But when I stepped on the floor, I heard the audience and my friends cheering, immediately i calmed down. I am happy with how I danced. I performed this routine with all my soul."  Afanasyeva also added that her third pass 'two and a half twisting layout into a front layout' was the most difficult for her to stick and she was was worried sick that she couldn't perform it successfully but as soon as she found herself having no problem with it during the warm up, she calmed down.

Having the European championship in her home country made Afanasyeva feel less stressed.

Although Valentina Rodionenko has suggested several times before the competition that Afanasyeva will most likely qualify to the all around ahead of Anastasia Grishina, Afanasyeva failed to make the final "I had this goal to make the AA final. It was painful not to make it. Now I have to pull myself together and try my best to qualify to the all around finals in the next competitions." A fall on her bars dismount made her fail in qualifying to the all around.

While the Russian gymnasts are beginning to use grips for bars, Afanasyeva finds it hard to adapt to them " I am used to work with my hands , while the other younger teammates has started to work on this event using grips. I wasn’t able to adjust. I made an effort and it didn’t work. I will continue working on this."

About being an all arounder, "I will always manage to do my event. Why not to set a bigger goal if I can make it? I always try to set challenging goals for me and even  make it harder (laughs). Otherwise, it is not fun to live without always setting bigger goals. This is one of my life principles  that I use in sport as well, set hard achievable goals, and then try to reach them."

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Original interview translated by Anastasia Bostanaru

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  1. I want the other russians like Mustafina and Komova and Grishina to upgrade their routines too. I know Komova is injured and Mustafina has problems too but they are all like 'no I'm not doing an amanar now, I won't try a full twist on beam, ...' I think they have all so much potential and should set higher goals. Mustafina had the chance to not only medal on every event, but also to win gold on nearly every event besides beam. I want her to be as strong as back in 2010 and prepare 2 vaults.

  2. They no doubt will. It is early in the season that is the only reason we are seeing Watered down routines. But you also have to remember how physically demanding gymnastics is. All of the Russian girls are recovering from some injury. Musty tore her ACL and MCL which is just about the worst you can do in gymnastics. It is incredibly hard to come back from said injury,Pavlova, Johnson, etc. Why would you risk your career for a few extra tenths in difficulty?? This is exactly why there has been an increase in injuries since the new code. People expect the girls to jam pack their routines with difficulty, not caring about the toll it takes on their body. I can think of 4 acl tears, 1 Achilles tear, and one broken leg in elite gymnastics since the Olympics. Not to mention all the little injuries, Komova, Iordache, Wieber, Musty, Ross, Ohashi, Price, the list goes on and on. I understand that you should work through some injuries but knees and backs are not something to put aside. The only reason the girls should go for higher difficulty is if they are in 100% condition, and they are the judge of that not us...