Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aly Raisman's Reaction To Making The Olympic All Around (GIF)

Surprisingly, U.S Aly Raisman made the all around Olympic final knocking her teammate and reigning all around champion Jordyn Wieber out of the final.

GIF by apeirron2

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  1. You know... I don't like when people say that she took Jordyn's spot. Ok, Jordyn and Gabby were the two everyone thought would be in the final. But in the qualification, Aly was the best on the American. So she didn't take Jordyn's spot, she took just that one spot. If Jordyn was just a few tens better, would people say that she took Gabby's spot? I'm Aly's fan, what I admire the most is that she is soooo consistent. Ok, her bars aren't that great, but the rest? She just hits her routine. And that's what this is about. After the qualification, it was almost like people wanted her to be sorry for making the final.

    1. I totally agree with your comment. I was sad to learn how people wanted her to be sorry for being great on qualifications and hitting her routines. She put her heart and soul to accomplish her goals. Efford and hard work always pay off. She´s an inspiration for everyone who has a dream. Just hope to see her competing again.