Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maroney's Amanar Higher Than Uchimura's (GIF)

A GIF was made by Monigymnastics in comparison between U.S Mckayla Maroney's Amanar and Japanese Kohei Uchimura's and guess what!  Maroney's Amanar is way higher then Uchimura's.


More GIF

Aliya Mustafina Sticking Her Tongue Out At Ksenia Afansyeva (GIF).

Non Stop Spinning Aliya Mustafina (GIF).

Aly Raisman Hugging Vanessa Ferrari (GIF).


  1. Uchimura is an All-Arounder , and Mckayla is a specialist on this event , don't compare.

    1. McKayla is also an All-Rounder. She's just not as well-known for that because 1) her vault is so amazing, and 2) the US is extremely deep in All-Arounders, so she doesn't get as much attention. But she won the AA in Jesolo, and she's medaled in AA at US Nationals.

  2. It is still nice to compare them both regardless of the fact that one is an all- around gymnast whilst the other is a specialist. I want to see a comparison between Maroney and Simone Biles.

  3. And I wanna see a comparison between Maroney and Hak Seon Yang!