Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diana Chelaru "I Am Not Leaving Gymnastics"

At only 19 years old, Olympic bronze medalist Diana Chelaru of Romania ended her gymnastics career and announced her retirement. She told Prosport that the reason behind her retirement is spending too much time away from her family to the point where she couldn't keep up with the situation.

After taking a break from gymnastics after the Olympics, Chelaru gained weight therefor found it hard to get back to her former shape as she was afraid she could be risking an injury.

A month ago, Chelaru left training in Bucharest and went back to her hometown Onesti as she couldn't adapt to the training there.  Upon her return to her hometown, Chelaru participated at the Romanian national championships where she was the only Olympian competing "I really wanted to be watched by the people from my hometown, by all those who stood behind me and supported me over the past years, I felt that I owed them a lot" said Chelaru.

Chelaru won a silver medal at the competition ending her career the same as she started as  her first ever medal was also a silver "I took a silver medal with my team club, and my first ever medal in gymnastic was also silver. I think the silver medal was made for me, I took it at the World championships and at the Europeans. Silver is my medal. I should never be upset for not winning a gold medal as silver is my gold. I am very content on what i have accomplished".

The 19 year old Romanian gymnast cited stepping on the podium at the Olympic games as the best moment of her entire career " When I stepped on the Olympic Games podium. I felt so happy for us, for our team, it’s a wonderful feeling to get there.".

For Chelaru retiring doesn't mean leaving gymnastics as she plans to move on coaching 
"I am not leaving gymnastics, I’ll continue to go to the gym, I am a very active person and I like sports, I will also help the little gymnasts because I would like to become a coach. Even now, when I am training in Onesti, i help the younger gymnasts in their training.".

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Original interview translated by Alex Mladinescu


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  1. I enjoyed watching Chelaru, such a trooper of a gymnast. Seems her career was shortened at a time when Romania needs some youth. That said, I've become a huge fan of Larisa Iordache. I truly believed she was going to turn heads in London, but she seemed too hurt. I hope her injuries are healing, so we can get to enjoy her future.