Monday, October 29, 2012

Where Is Ksenia Semenova?

Where is that cutie Russian gymnast.......The one who won the 2007 World uneven bars title.......The one who competed at the Beijing Olympics...The one who......Wait...I found her.

Two time World champion Ksenia Semenova has retired from competitive gymnastics due to injury. Semenova's coach Nazarova said recently that the gymnast had to retire because as she grew taller, she had a difficulty in upgrading her routines.

Maybe Semenova was a part of Russia's most unsuccessful Olympic team but she successfully a made name for herself in the sport. At only 14 years old Semenova became a World champion on the uneven bars making her the first Russian to win a World gold medal since her idol Svetlana Khorkina in 2003. At the next year, Individually Semenova was the most successful gymnast at the European championships as she won two golds, one on Uneven bars and another on balance beam. Semenova competed at the Beijing Olympics where the Russian team failed to make the podium for the first time in their history. With a code of points that favors difficulty, Semenova placed 4th at the all around final and 6th at the uneven bars final. Perhaps Semenova's desire to compete on all four events is what prevented her from upgrading her bars routine.  Semenova was to compete at the beam final but due to tie breaking rule her teammate Ksenia Afansyeva qualified ahead of her.
In 2009, Semenova had a successful European championships as she won the all around gold which is gymnastics most prestigious medal. Beside the all around gold, Semenova won a medal on bars and another on floor. Year 2010 was the last year for Semenova to compete internationally, she helped her team to finish first at the European championship. She also was a part of the gold medal winning team at the 2010 World championships. This was Russia's first team World title in history.

Semenova is now in Moscow as she is studying to be a judge. Semenova was also seen helping in coaching younger gymnasts in her former gym.

Semenova is now dating two time Olympic medalist gymnast Denis Ablyazin.

Written by:Gigi Khazback

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